find yourself

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Friday the 13th- Wednesday the 13th. So much has happended. I met Tyler (we shared a bed) I became friends with you (we share the same mind) or so I thought. Now you're lost
The brush stroke is smooth but not silent The colors clear and vibrant Every part of the rainbow is there Every splotch will declare
Another day  Another year Same place Different fear I walked the halls in search of what I could achieve  Who I could be. Junior year was difficult My mind had many defaults,
There are some days  when life just gets me down but when I see I'm in this haze There's someone who I've found   He can't speak our language and has tiny paws with pointed claws 
I do not know me.  I live in the shell of another person and live her life, but my head is full of strife. Because I do not know me; the girl is kind and sad she never gets mad. 
Everyone has their issues that keep them in the dark,But when you fight against them you can surely make your mark.Travel past your issues, onto a newly found frontier,Bring yourself together in a different atmosphere.
This house is not my home But merely the place I roam My heart aches to travel To leave this road of gravel
Breathe in hope, exhale pain Hold on tight, life's a game Drown in loneliness, burn in love Get lost, remember your name Read a book, remember your story Sleep well, you need your strength
Look at this.
i embrace my weirdness with faith and kindness i stand alone while i try to get my points shown so people need to stop fitting in you were born different so stand ou
What does the real way look like? Where does the right path go? What do all good men feel inside? How do they know when they know? Why does it always end like this? What did I do wrong?
Tall short Fat skinny Nice mean Dumb brainy Black white Gay straight So many adjective to describe oneself As if we are categorizing something on a shelf
“Found” When I was four, I died. And for the life of me, I could not be alive. When Its light brown eyes turned into dark moonless nights, It still shone bright.
You're a rope dropping down from my sky; The color of Extraordinary I stare into your eyes, As into a crystal ball, But I can't find Forever I can't believe anything in this uncertain world
I am the young girl who's boyfriend's condom popped I am the girl who fell victim to the man who didn't heed her please stop I am the boy who was forgotten in the shop I am the boy who didn't see that stop  
The glass between us is deep A clear light into my life You could see in and she could see out Still no sound was exchanged Words stayed on tongues Eyes tried to glimpse but never cough the others
No one knows ones you better than you If I was to find you in a crowd I wouldn't know its you. No one knows you better than you!
Unsaid words Flew around like a flock of birds laying under the old oak tree That December Watching how free birds could be Wishing you were here with me So you could see Like this tree
Trust is like some bittersweet cupcake that I can’t sink my teeth into. Tempting, as most unattainable things are, but vile. It’s something you try to shove down my throat with sharp and cutting thrusts,
I wrote every secret I had on the bathroom wall. In hope that one day someone would paint over them and I could forget. Car keys scratch more than just the surface, any city lover could tell you that.
Swallow it, follow it Taste it, then touch See and listen Smell and find Move, stop, feel then realize Realize there are more than just senses and emotions Souls are in us waiting to be known
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