2 Months

Friday the 13th-

Wednesday the 13th.

So much has happended.

I met Tyler (we shared a bed)

I became friends with you (we share the same mind)

or so I thought.

Now you're lost

even though I just changed cots

you changed the locks.

He lock-and-keyed his heart

you lock-and-keyed yours too.


What do I need to do to get some trust and authenticity?

The past 2 months I have head 

enough alcohol

enough bad sex

enough revelations

for a Lifetime. 


Before all I wanted was 

someone to share it with.


Now I don't know what I want.


I'm usually impulsive-

I let myself have whatever I want.

I've eaten and drank and drugged and lusted to the point of gluttony. 


Back to square one.


Or maybe I never even moved.


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