I do not know me

I do not know me. 

I live in the shell of another person

and live her life,

but my head is full of strife.

Because I do not know me;

the girl is kind and sad

she never gets mad. 

She simply hides.

She hides behind her glasses

and her smile, 

but if you wait awhile

you will see the truth.

There is so much struggle in this youth.

Will you help me find her

and show her who she is?

Because I don’t know who I am.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

let The Lord help you discover who you are

you are His creation, He gave you gift(s), it's all in how you use it

i like the poem because you're figuring out who are you, and it's very genuine

write more ideas so that those gift(s) God bless you with is for His glory


I especially enjoy the artwork that you posted with your poem

It adds a colorful insight to the overall picture

The poem itself is also quite remarkable. Nice work. 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

I agree



We Dream of Stars

Check out my new poem 'I think I know me' I think that's the update your looking for.

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