Inside You and Me


What does the real way look like?

Where does the right path go?

What do all good men feel inside?

How do they know when they know?

Why does it always end like this?

What did I do wrong?

Where are the patriots?

Will they come before dawn?


How will we rescue?

How will we succeed?

Can't be afraid to climb new heights,

Can't be afraid to bleed.


There's a patriot inside me,

 Fighting to be set free.

Yearning to help my brothers,

And to fight for my country.

There's a patriot inside me,

Fighting to be set free.

Knowing what’s wrong and right,

Knowing who I should be.


There’s a patriot inside me,

There’s a patriot in you.

If only we could find them,

Who knows what we could do? 


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