Birds in a Tree


United States
24° 41' 11.7276" N, 81° 29' 37.6764" W

Unsaid words

Flew around like a flock of birds

laying under the old oak tree

That December

Watching how free birds could be

Wishing you were here with me

So you could see

Like this tree

I've grown from what I used to be

my roots are the same

But I'm not that wimpy twig

And you are not that baby bird

Begging for my attention anymore

Your all grown

And I'm a full-grown tree

You don't ever rest anywhere near me

That storm was just to harsh

And I wrecked the nest that we have built

And now I live with all this guilt

From a set of words

If I could have only spoke

maybe things aren't as bad as they seem

maybe one day you'll fly back to me

or maybe one day I'll move on

from a past

that I'm trying to make last

just like a flock of birds

flying in the sky

I want to be free


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