I am me.

Another day 

Another year

Same place

Different fear

I walked the halls in search of what I could achieve 

Who I could be.

Junior year was difficult

My mind had many defaults,

I lost my friends;

I lost my family;

I lost everyone;

In search of me.

That's when I found he.

The one we call God 

The one that saved me.

Who I was and who I am.

Different person and different Exam.

A year ago my mind did not flow.

I woke up after my cousins passed.

Not one but two, it was all happening too fast.

I called them my brothers,

As if they came from my mother.

I lost two family members of mine,

From drivers who decided to drink.

From drivers who thought they were fine.

A year ago I did not know,

Who I was or who I wanted to be.

After this incident, I just wanted to be me.

I forgot about the rules.

The rules of society.

Forgot about social media 

it contained too much nudity.

I listened to god for he saved me,

Now I'm working in food drives helping the needy.

If I don't win this scholarship then it wasn't meant to be.

Though whoever wins this scholarship,

I hope you have the same intentions as me.

To find yourself, and to keep achieving great things.

The year 2017 is when I found me.







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My family
Our world
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