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With whom do I identify?
Should I open up my third eye,
Wish for world peace,
Or watch the world cry?
With toy soldiers and mockingbirds
the real slim shady never stood up.
Blue moons and pot spoons.
All along it was the fake you.
Fake me
Fake we
Fake us.
Lie, steal, cheat, and cuss.
We must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery
Says mister Marley,
but if your mind is the prison… How can you unlock what is within it?
Must you be both within and without?
But wait,
Nick caraway was a fool.
And fools fall in love.
And Athalie is a bright one.
She knows that love is just dumb
Give her time to find herself.
Things are kind of tough.
But if you were a bird on a ledge,which over looked the most beautiful hedge
Would you fly over even if winds were rough?
Surely it's a do!
But the dude is a don't!
Voices in her head say
It's a love poem you should've wrote.
But how would one write about a dance they never spoke?
Lace trimmings from the lips of a sinner.
Ring the bell you won a chicken dinner.
Could barely hear your thoughts over the heart stopping bass.
A thumb
A thud
& nudge of beautiful grace.
Gyal take yah time, wine pon it slow.
She swings her hips & drops it slow.
'cause you need to find yourself
Caribbean gyals love soca, reggae, dancehall and everything else
Choose a life path.
not like optimum light path.
All basic and common.
Write sweet yet rough poetry and bump some Common!
‘Cause in a common era where being common is no longer ostracized.
A revolution is needed to open up the people dem eyes!
Brodie, please let us just light some trees.
Wonder why?
Then get the munchies.
Is that me you?
Is that you?
Then who?
Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
It was depression.
It was fare.
It was rejection.
It was time that had passed.
It was them freshman girls on instagram straight flexing.
But the recurring question
Follows she once a again
Who are you?
Two chains, four bracelets.
I'm different.
Like a bee who doesn't live in a beehive 'cause she much rather lease a co-op on the upper East side
Living fancy.
Now I'm fancy huh?
Nails done, hair done, everything did.
Cracker jacks and complementary water.
Poor get taxed.
While the rich sit up there in luxury.
Sipping wine, with their fine asses.
Upper classmen
Lower classmen
I like the middle classmen.
But the girl from my 2nd period class stole my last pen.
Swipper no swiping.
And eyes to be wiping.
‘Cause once a again
They ask who are you?...
Thought you could distract them Ath ,you clever likkle fool!!
Answer the question and stop trynna' act cute.
You trynna’ apply but haven't filled out the papers.
Writing essays are hard...
& poetry comes easy
All they want to know is WHO ARE YOU ?
but you put up a front.
& Athalie thinks:
how do you answer a question when the answer YOU don't even know
Drive slow homie.
eat cheese slices
my goodness, I’ll answer when I know!
I'm an enigma and a rag doll.
And when the pieces fit in a puzzle you finally get to see a picture right?
You got to complete it.
And when you're digging for your diamonds you never give up right?
And when push comes to shove, you always have to shove right?
And when you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, you know you’ve got God right?
Listen a farmer doesn't give up on his crop easily.
He nourishes it til it flourishes.
& if I'm a diamond in the rough all I need is to be polished right?
Can you wait?
Cause when I'm good and ready.
My head clear and path steady.
I shall do what Ms. Fenty said.
I shall shine bright like a diamond.
'cause that is what I IDENTIFY as.


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