Who am I?

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The click of the lock echoes, The turn of the handle screams.    Inconsistent drips of water begin resounding. The flush of water...  Overpowering.  
who am I? nothing feels right. I cannot see with sight or, at least not quite, my skin feels too tight  around this soul. around this hole; that's consuming me, their presuming me;
I have a gift: The gift of changing myself. I can be anything, Anyone. I can be family or stranger, Friend or foe.   I have a gift. I can choose to show it Or not.
One day is a dancing Gypsy all tinkling bengals  and swirling rainbows.   The next is a starving dire wolf icy grey, its bloody teeth bared.   I've heard I am not a land mine,
A grain of dust falls, With no purpose but to fall. What am I to thee?
Open your books to page 137. One hundred and thirty seven. You see that? Second column, almost exactly half way down. handy. Adjective.
Who am I? I am the new definition of loneliness if it ever needed one I am unseen I am alone I am unwanted Trapped in this place I can't call home, in a city so dead This is who I am  
Who am I? I am shy But around my friends I am loud. I am smart But sometimes not so much. I am funny But it is mostly myself that thinks that. I am young
Do you ever just have one of those days where   you wake up and nothing seems right? One of those days where you look down the hall and someone has turned off the lights?  
Who is that little girl that acts like an adult, but still just a child? 
  Who am I? Is a tough question to answer? Am I a banker, a computer professional, an engineer or a business man Sometimes it feels like I’m all, and sometimes it feels I’m none   Who am I?
One No one can feel the dark rivers of hatred flooding my soul Two No one knows about the bloody tears shed late at night Three No one cares about my consideration of my own destruction Four
If my body could talk Laughter would erupt from within and flood the air "Why do such random and strange thoughts race through your mind?" "Thanks for all the terribly fatty food that tastes amazing."  
When I am able, I speak my mind. But mostly, I am silent. Their Judgment will be final so I stay away. Only to find thier eyes back on me. I try to be noticed in positive ways,
I pushed to hard I've gone too far There's no turning back and redemption to be had It's not fair I've come too far to have it end in dispair Blood, sweat, and tears my worst fear
Who am I? Where should I go? Where have I been? Who do I know? What have I seen? How do I grow? You tell me, I don't know?    
The truth of the matter is I am a black girl that can still rise Not phased by oppression or depression I am indeed alive My ancestor was a poet, a writer, and a friend That means nothing in my life is limited
What's his name? What's her name? What's your's? What's mine? Is it Ann or Frank or Joe? Is it Jen or Sally or Moe? Could it be "Geek" or "Nerd"? Or maybe Miss Popular
Who am i? I don't know. I feel so scared. I feel so alone. Thoughts run through my head. Who am I? Am I someone meant to be great? Am I someone meant to be alone?
Who am I? I am the person who you wish you could be I am the wind beneath the wings of intelligence Soaring above the haters Exceeding any obstacles that I come by Who am I?
I am not from "the hood", "the hicktown", nor the city. I am not Hispanic, African, European. I am not a star athlete, a top student of my class,
I am who I am. The product of a militant love bathed in youth. Filled with curiosity and a lust for knowledge. Drowned in the strange and macabre parts of life. Reborn in the murky waters of a hidden river.
As he looks into the mirror, he sees a stranger with sharp eyes glaring Who is this thing looking back at him? Thick, dark brows furrow and small beady eyes look smaller Who is this creature staring?
Who am I? Do you know... Can you tell me? This is all I know...
Who am I? I'm a dreamer, I'm a realist I'm a student, I'm a teacher I'm a friend, I'm a sister I am young, but I am wise I am fearless, but reserved I am happy, but I am worried
Who am I? I wonder as I stare at the sky. I think about my life and can't help but wonder ..why? What is my purpose? I ponder while gazing into the fire of furnace. What am I like beneath the surface?
Who am I? Am I you? Am I here? Are you there? Am I someone else? Or am I me? I'm in your body! No! It can't be. Am I you or am I me? No, it's just a dream.
How can I feel everything and nothing at the same time? How can I be loved, but still feel all alone? How can I be smart, but act so stupid? How can I be stressed and frustrated, yet appear to be calm?
who am i? i'm the man who you use to get clowned on i'm the man who goes through trials and tribulations of life i'm the man with cojones to speak out for what i stand for
Who Am I? My looks are just the outside That's why I raise my hand to the sky I use to be the one that rely, On stupidity but later I cried. Who Am I? I use to feel good blackening someone's eye
Who am I? I am me, Come and view the world as I see, My name is Jayla and I really like school, I also love to swim and take a dip in the pool, I hate getting up in the morning because I’m always tired,
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