who am i?


United States
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who am i?
i'm the man who you use to get clowned on
i'm the man who goes through trials and tribulations of life
i'm the man with cojones to speak out for what i stand for
i'm the man that captivates the audience's attention
i get treated nice (sometimes)
i don't get treated nice (sometimes)
but know this, you overstep boundaries, you will know who i am
who am i?
i'm the man that learned to survive on his own
i'm the man that loves himself
i'm 5'8, bald, nicely built with a face that expresses the headlines
young and focus
often, its misunderstood
i am and will always forever be the man
how i accepted myself for who and what i am
i'm a man that been stopped worrying about what others thought a long time ago
learn to not listen to others, but instead
they listen to me
who am i?
that man that cares less about fitting in
i'm that man that stands out

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