Goodbye Stranger

The click of the lock echoes,

The turn of the handle screams.


 Inconsistent drips of water begin resounding.

The flush of water... 



Turn around.

Look at yourself,

Bare and vulnerable.


She is a stranger to me.

Her eyelashes flutter,

 Emerald orbs blink;

Her smile.


Solemn smile so many adore.

I can’t recognize it.

It’s simply 




Fog disperses the stranger,

She is replaced by a blur.

No true feature clear,

This is the girl I know.



Out of control,

Aware of so many questions,

Unaware of the answers.


Who am I?


Where do I go to perceive?


The tub overflows, 

The water is warm.


I like this feeling,

I think I might stay here a while.


She lies down with grace.

Peace knowing she’s invisible.

Peace knowing she’s sleeping.

Peace knowing she’s gone.


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