Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

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Who am I? I am me,
Come and view the world as I see,
My name is Jayla and I really like school,
I also love to swim and take a dip in the pool,
I hate getting up in the morning because I’m always tired,
So I always eat a cookie because it gets me really wired,
I took this class to get college credit,
I really hope I don’t grow to regret it,
Because last year I took Tejano’s class and that’s left emotional scars,
By the end of the first month I wanted to key his car,
That class was a lot of work and Tejano was extremely petty,
And when the AP test came I was not at all ready,
But somehow I still managed to pass the AP test,
So thanks for that Mr. Tejano……..I guess,
When I heard Ms. Peano left, my heart became very blue,
No offense Ms. Caneva, I’m sure you’re a good teacher too,
Speaking of blue, I have blue paint splattered on my walls,
I’m also really clumsy and have a tendency to fall,
People used to tease me for being short a ton,
And I am pretty short…….only about five one,
Some people think I’m as quiet as a mouse,
And some people think I’m crazy and will follow them to their house,
I can’t help being a little crazy as it is in my DNA,
Compared to the rest of my family, I was meant to be this way,
I can be very impatient and easy to get mad,
But I’m pretty emotional and a lot of stuff makes me sad,
Like remembering when I was little and caught the chicken pox,
Or anytime my mom makes me clean the cat’s litter box,
I love my little kitty and he has cute little black feet,
But he can be super annoying when it’s time for him to eat,
This is it; it’s finally the last year,
Going away for college is for me nothing to fear,
I love my family bunches, but they are always in my space,
So I just look forward to having my own place,
I was born in the winter time and I love the cold air,
In fact I sleep with my window open all year, I swear!
In all honesty, I hope this AP class is not too rough,
I’ve taken four prior to and they were all pretty tough,
I need the college credit to save money for my folks,
Because they can’t pay for a million classes as they are pretty broke,
I don’t expect this class to be no work at all,
But I just hope because of it, my GPA won’t fall,
AP classes cause a lot of stress for me,
I’m not sure what I was thinking last year when I signed up for three,
Anyway, back on subject this year I really want to do well,
In fact, I want more, I want to excel,
I want to be in a good college by this time next year,
Lindblom is nice and all, but I can’t wait to get out of here,
I’ll be really excited to walk across that stage,
Something a lot of people don’t get to do in this day and age,
I love to hang with friends after school and what not,
We like to play Uno…..even though we all cheat, a lot,
We all enjoy each other and our crazy little quirks,
Sometimes we’ll just talk or maybe do some homework,
I especially love to be with my boyfriend John, who has my heart,
He’s so funny, and cute, and honest, and smart,
I was so nervous when my parents wanted to meet him on a whim,
I literally thought my dad was going to kill him,
So far, none of my classes are too hard,
But I’ll give it a couple of months and see what’s in the cards,
This year I turn eighteen, and I’ll have so many more rights,
But it’s after the election, which really bites,
Oh well, life sucks, and there’s nothing I can do,
At least after my birthday, I won’t have an early curfew,
I look forward to being treated more like a lady,
Except by my dad, who’ll always see me as a baby,
Sometimes I think of the future and my mind goes blank,
And I wonder: What if I go to college and totally tank?
But I know I can do anything if I work really hard,
And I keep focus and my work in regard,
Well this poem has been long, so I should wrap up before it gets dry,
So I guess, have a nice day…….bye bye!


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