...On the wall

Do you ever just

have one of those days where


you wake up and

nothing seems right?

One of those days where

you look down the hall and

someone has turned off the lights?


When you


stroll down the hall after

falling out of bed you

turn on that light and 

notice your head is


just a little too heavy and

your voice just a little too small and

wasn't that picture just

yesterday just

a bit too tall?


You fumble around and

have finally found that

when you reach the room with

that dreadful

aching loom


ya know that

feeling you get

when you think you

miss a step and

you're falling through the 

floor but

you thought that there was more?


Well it's all in your head so

just turn around instead yet

your brain wants to know so

you decide you should go


But when you reach that 

room with that

terrible loom you

realize the reason you had

felt all that gloom since

as you gaze inward and see

there is nothing more than me

staring back ever so blankly and 

you need a moment

to breathe


Who is that stranger with that

awful expression? That

terrible vision is

tormenting existence!

Why oh why would it be

so that I

in all of time and space would

feel so out of place right

here in my own mind my 

own head my

own skin...

So please I

need you to tell me again


Have you ever just

had one of those days where

you look in the mirror and

you are not there?


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