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Without a tongue how do we speak Without love how do we feel  Without lungs how do we breath Without faith how do we hope without hows, how can we accomplise anything  The world is filled with hows and whats
Just like a watch or a clock, I also tick. Just like my family and friends, I too tick. However, we have different ways of working, And the gear for my functions is my family.  
People laugh The boy runs through the hall trying to get away Away from all the hurtful words flying his way How, how could people be so cruel? Every day the same scene The world is stuck on replay
What the fuck is the goverment doing for us? 2pac mann they don't give a fuck about us, & we ain't giving a fuck,
I am water that takes the form of any pot. doing things I was so dearly taught, doing things I'm not supposed to do without getting caught. trying not to let my brain rot, trying to be happy with what I got.
My head's in a rush, I don't know what I'm trying to do? I have a project I want to finish, But school keeps coming up, Isn't it summer break? I guess that's not an excuse, Schools around the corner,
I saved a Life It wasn’t hard The knife of pain Was open like a card But I had felt the rain And it’s insane To not know What man Gives a ready hand In this dejected land
When they ask how? and why? I can simply open my mind, show them the way I see the world The way I view and what I love How the shadows reflect and things creep My love of the world and people
I wake up at 6am First thing I do is check my phone From morning to night I surround my self by the internet like a security blanket because that is what it is. People talk about the internet like it is a drug
You may see people smiling, laughing, hugging, and kissing, but it all reminds you that you are by yourself. Everything you imagine and have encountered, all reminds you that you are by yourself.
My mind was my place. It was the only place I could be me...  It was mine..  Until everyone started putting their input inside. Then.. My mind went from happiness and sunshine to darkness.
The economy going down realy makes me frown people left on the streets while others are in their suites people that are hungry is not funny It makes me realy tick when I see
You ask what makes me tick? It's never so easy.  Human complexity, is a beautiful thing. Passionate, straightforward, All these things describe me. Imagination, drive;
Hope neither of the dark or the light but rather something in between. Providing dreams for some and infatuations for others.
Wars fought for Money Wars fought  to please corporate bosses, Wars fought with alterior motives Wars fought though never deemed lawless.  Wars fought, entirely man-made Wars fought to subjugate masses,
In my twenties now Who am I supposed to be Lover, mom, student
Those looks swallowed me at first glance,
I remember when I was in third grade I saw a girl wearing a shirt Sparkly and pink with bubbles The words "Daddy's girl it said". I wondered what possible those words could mean Why I was young and dint know
He is known for many things intellect, Is not one of them, his name is taint But it suits him well, please keep restraint,
I look around at the faces heading here and there. The faces look how They want us to. Who are They? Why do They want us like this. I fight the urge to follow the norm.
He is the poison in my veins. He is the reason that I'm a shell. He is the reason that I am broken.  He is the cause of all the pain.  I was in a trance for so long. Hypnotized by your vile love.
What’s going on in my head? Like everyone, it’s everywhere. My mind created a dream world for me to feel safe from the real violent world. In my head, I’m a super heroine.
In the mind of the dreamer, Goals do not dissipate, They do not linger, Only followed by the actions of the mind. In the mind of a dreamer, Hope always fills the mind, Failure is not an option and
Keep running, keep running!Don't look back, keep running!Ok, it's safe to stop nowWhere am I?no one is behind mewhen did they stop chasing me?
I fear she'll come in my life and make her mark
  A lot can happen in 5 minuets Both miracle and tragedy A lot can happen in 5 minuets Come, let us see   5 minutes is all I takes For a baby to be born
Everyone believes,  
I pop my gum, Dress well enough, Speak very well, Don't do drugs, live by #YOLO, #add #hashtags #incessently, Listen to pop noise, Had a bae, didn't want him,
The world is so vast Every gap is filled We all like to complain But for what reason It doesn't make any sense Maybe it will never.
Mama I'm hurt Feeling his cold dead hands is causing insanity,
What makes me tick? Violence and poverty, the thought makes me sick.  Poor people are starving, in a land of excess. The rich get richer, and only buy the best. The best food, the best cars, the best limousine.
I'm a family manI'm morally right I'm a family man My belt impacts you I'm a family man I wear nice suits I'm a family man A dark ring forms under your eye I'm a family man
Some people are bullies They manipulate people in sight They love to call people rude names They only do it to start fights   How you heard of Tyler Perry's movies
What makes me tick?sitting in the library reading a bookI’ll get through anything you pickEven if the cover doesn’t have a nice look
   Chicago.  What can I say about this windy city besides its bipolar weather and drivers?   Newcomers would first see the broken skyscrapers in the blue assuming that their dreams is a reality check
Many question my mind I find my self even spending time Tapping into that thick tick ticking machine
  Peers and youth clatter and clank Minds nearly filled with blank Always looking so fine and swank A job and work a threat or a prank                 Parents diving into their savings bank
Just one time never hurt anybody It’s all in good fun and having a good time. Smoking is a thing that everyone tries We’re all of legal age so it won’t be a crime.  
I live in a cold, cold place, Far from the Seeing Eye. A place where the nights are long And the air is painfully dry.   I live in a land Surrounded by a sea.
What are you going to look for in this text?                        What kind of prose or verse will you desire?                    Would you seek which of us composes best -              
My mind works, in calculations. What I do is carefully thought out. The mind changes fast That rate of change is the derivative.  Creativity sparks in the form of equation. In my mind,
Step up to the podium Step up to the mic Step up to the dance floor Do it as you like Lights camera action Sharpen then you write Smile for the camera Right before the flight
I don't even know you, dude. But here we are. Brought togther by fate? Naw. I don't think so. Maybe something stupid you did. Maybe someone stupid who did it. I'll be straight with you. You stay straight for me.
The mind is powerful The mind is dangerous But what's going on in mine? Voices echoing. Voices giggling. All these responsibilities Am I going insane? Leave me be! Let me live!
       There is alot of things
We are always on the comput
It was just a normal visit to the relatives. Loud voices, quick footsteps, clearing of throats everywhere. Curious questions are aimed towards me. " How's college? Is it hard?"
                         My mind is an intersting place, full of oposites.
This poem doesn’t have a name for a reason.  That’s because it’s like me, nameless and shapeless, with no proper definition to it just yet.  But you know what, that’s not stopping me from writing it and speaking it.  You may as well
That is the question I get asked I look the up and down laugh They stare at me a await my answer I breathe a heavy sigh “I am… I am ….. I don’t know what I am",
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