If You Wish Upon A Star

I sat on a star

I didn’t want her to leave

She dimmed from my pressure

Her wishes, thrown up. She heaved.

Her eyes fell from their sockets

She could no longer see

Her dreams as they fell away

Her hopes crushed underneath

Her feet.

She was stumbling

Knocking her memories from the shelves

Her mind is emptying, nowhere left to delve

Crack* There goes Christmas Day

Slam* The day we met falls down

Boom* Here her birthdays lay

They are strewn about the ground

My mother used to be a vault

Unless she said, nothing got out or went in

The safety deposits boxes

Held every, frown, laugh and grin

She took it all in

But now that safe is broken

Cracked, rusted, and misshapen

It’s not what is used to be

It’s been mistreated, it’s been shaken

She no longer starts the conversations

“Do you remember that time when...”

They go a little something like

“Who are you?”

“How’d I get here?”

“What day is it?”

“Who’s that in the mirror?”

She doesn’t know that she’s looking at herself

She’s young in her mind

But she’s young to me too

In my heart she will survive

I remember when I used to complain

And she took it all in stride

I'm cold I’d tell her
"Here, my scarf"
I'm hungry I’d whine
"Here, my food"

I'm sad I’d whimper
"Here, my heart"
Now she’s gone, at the same time she’s here.

Now is the time to stomp


Fist through the mirror
Seven years bad luck cannot even compare
To the way stomachs twist
And empty eyes just stare
At the nothingness
The vast hole of what was just there
Saviors are useless
When the beast you're battling is
Hiding in the shadows
Of Temporal Lobes
And weaving in between memories
Yearning to poke holes
Snatching away the good like the thief you are
There was no slaying you.


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