What can I say about this windy city

besides its bipolar weather and drivers?

  Newcomers would first see the broken skyscrapers

in the blue assuming that their dreams is a reality check

point. People rushing time, busy streets, you'll think that it was

traffic ahead but instead all you hear is work-alcholics screech.



 East and West are different sides of where you reside 

your own experiences and opinions.

  To hear the midnight train screeching its way down South just

to be greeted by the morning sun.

  To mistaken shots of fire for loud CATS

Once a night, you'll once believe that it's the

Fourth of July.

   Confusing fireworks spraying over the corners

having pale eyes face-up to the mourning sky.

  I'm sorry Chicago, but I didn't travel much around

with you. Maybe more light shines over the

other sides,but here falls night and continues

to repeat.

  Chicago, I want you meet

"Confessions" because in my eyes you've lied. I

learned and lived your languages of sarcastic,

profanity, trickery and publicity stunts.

   Maybe one day I could find you a permanent mate, but

what more can I say about Chicago?

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