My Voice Though Images Speaks Volumes

Wed, 07/23/2014 - 13:42 -- M1ckeda


When they ask how? and why?

I can simply open my mind, show them the way I see the world

The way I view and what I love

How the shadows reflect and things creep

My love of the world and people

All a shutter release away

You standing side by side to me

And all you see is dirt

And all I see is glory

In my vision the world is upside-down

Every moment a opportunity

So eager to show the world what else is left

That the world holds so much more

There is still hope and love in the power in vision

The power of photos to cherish and save and share

The feeling of flipping though photo albums by hand

The weight of each page and a brief flash to the past

A moment now never lost in time

I will always promise to create

And speak volumes even though I may not have a voice per say

Staying true to what I love and what I will always love to share

But it starts here, the moment of help

The first steps I need to carrying my dreaming mind

To a reality of taking the frist steps to a degree that is golden

So I may contuine to speak volumes without speaking at all



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