A Part of Me is My Family


I am water that takes the form of any pot.

doing things I was so dearly taught,

doing things I'm not supposed to do without getting caught.

trying not to let my brain rot,

trying to be happy with what I got.


having an ambivert quality,

there's multiples sides of me.

you'll never know which you'll see.


from being a seedling to a full grown plant,

I remember all the rants,

the can'ts,

and the tyrants.


but the other side is greener,

less leaner,

with more positive demeanor.


religion colliding,

but the arguments subsiding,

only by the bond of culture we embrace,

having to see eachother everyday, face to face.


we will stick through,

stuck together like fingers with super glue.

absorbing like a sponge, eachother's feelings,

we are walls, holding up a ceiling.

from the joyous cry of a baby's first breath,

to witnessing eachother's death.


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