Hear Me Tick

Just like a watch or a clock, I also tick.

Just like my family and friends, I too tick.

However, we have different ways of working,

And the gear for my functions is my family.


My family is the reason why I push myself harder.

They are the main purpose for my dreams.

They are the cause of who I am today.

My parents.

I owe it to them for my development.


Growing up, my parents told me their stories.

They had to leave behind their families and homes,

To became immigrants in the land of the free.

Starting at this new place with no money,

They worked hard.


My parents faced many adversities:

They worked numerous jobs

In order to support themselves

And the families they left back home,

While pursuing their degrees.


Fast forwarding to the future of today,

My parents continue to work hard.


My father’s harsh workload that he endures,

For the sake of putting food on the table,

And to provide a roof over our heads

Results to the sacrificing of his energy and time,

Which I cannot return,

Or even repay back to him.


My mother’s industriousness at home and work

Is tiresome and never-ending,

Her hardships encourages me to keep striving

And partaking on the path of my dreams,

Regardless of how difficult the obstacles are.


My parents make me tick:

Hearing of their struggles to attain a better life,

Seeing their constant sacrifices for joys of the family,

Realizing how much work and life they put in

So that my sisters and I can live worry-free, happy lives;

I made a promise to myself.


I promised myself to work harder,

In order to display to my parents the

Value of their hard work.

To earn their pride and make them happy,

I was ambitious and determined.

Their happiness became my strength

That allowed me to persevere through challenges.


My parents ticked me.

The love they gave me was more than enough

For me to work diligently.

Despite the obstacles I have faced,

I did not give up.

I plowed my way through hardships.

I kicked the dirt that life put over me.


All these actions of mine done,

For one simple reason:

My parents.

My family.

I thank them for everything.






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