My 3 Bullets of Pain

Mama I'm hurt
Feeling his cold dead hands is causing insanity,
The pain of trying to explain why daddy ain't coming back,
Can you explain to me why my lyrics are wack, 
Because my talent is buried 6ft. deep,
at pride port hudson  in disbelief,
My father is dead this I cant believe ,

To being hurt I'm prone ,
To being thrown to the side and constantly to lies,
Like he's coming back ,
Stop telling these lies ,
On your birthday they say its gonna be ok,
No its not gonna be ok,
By god i was betrayed ,

You promised no more pain but, 
yet you took every part of existence, 
No longer shall I stand at your thrown, 
and worship the very thing that took my everything,
but they say god created saten and,
maybe I'm being impatient cause I'm ready to take my life, 

you took my back bone soul and heart ,
patience my child when will you stop betraying my heart ,
I just cut my self on the broken peices of my heart ,
while tripping over the strings of my soul,
As they layed you down to the dirt ,

Please no one use this as an exert, 
Believe it or not that thing yall call a heart is something I ain't got, 
I feel like a man with any legs because without you I cant ,
Walk,Run ,Skip or Hop ,

I'm sick of these folktales and all these lies, 
All i do is try ,
Try to be a better person for you, 
To try to be a better person for me, 
But sometimes my emotions get in the way ,

But you see mom this is whyi practice everyday, 
Because I always feel betrayed,
Like i have been layed down to rest, 
Well maybe not to rest but just dead, 
Killed by the bullet that entered my brutal body ,

Click ,
First bullet ( May 19,2012), 
Somewhere around midnight but very hard to tell, 

Click ,
Bullet #2 July 26,
Happend around 10 but I cryed till 6, 

Click ,
November 16, 2012,
Around 9/10 she was pronounced dead ,
2 to the heart ,
1 threw my rib cage, 
ricochet off my spine and ,
exiting out my neck,
I know you probably wont remember this but know,
I'm dead 
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