Ghostly Forgotten


The blood drips down the radius of her arm, her eyes swell into rivers of dissapointing tears. Her heart sinks deeper than the titanic into her soul-words,images, and messages that overflow her mind her spirit in conclusion of only one result. She cannot take it anymore, one second away from removing herself from this earth. Though she holds herself sane, everyone surrounds her with laughter. Who is she not even she knows. Though she was only a fool no good for anyone a simple battle she had lost. All due to the bullying from the students in her class. The ones who pretended to be her friend, but in reality led her to her death. A silent goodbye with a massive aftermath. Cyber bullying who knew how tragic it woul be, or what the consequences would lead.

The wound increases as the bullying continues though the accusatioin may be through a screen the pain comes from within. Words pile up, blood drains out of her body. Scars difficult to patch, memories that only fade. The deeper it progresses the scarier it gets, it consumes her entirely until no pieces are left behind just the little evidence which took her life. It is not a question but a demanding necessity to find an end! Not only to "delete" the messages and run away from the problem, but to face it and stand up to fight for whats right. A complete finalization to this tragic event that takes many lives, which remain quiet and ghostly forgotten.

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