Those Who Caress

Thu, 05/01/2014 - 10:44 -- Halsigc



Peers and youth clatter and clank

Minds nearly filled with blank

Always looking so fine and swank

A job and work a threat or a prank


Parents diving into their savings bank

To support such a life of dank

Never pulling the truth of rank

Kids today need to walk the plank

Acting as if life is but a sceptic tank


When opportunities are endless

And we ignore we are truly bless’

In a world that gives us any chance to progress

We only strive to impress

Never reassess the excess

 And assess or confess to our obsess to transgress


I digress to distress and profess my lack of finesse

To undress those who gave me the road to success

Nevertheless I depress and distress about those in recess

This mess of stress about the life of chess

Is only about those who caress to possess


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