Accept Yourself

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Mary, let your hair down Just close your eyes I'll help you realize All the lines aren't real The pins in your hair
Discord.   The year has been a continuous spiral of the good and the bad,  Thoughts of what I lost and what I've had.   Worry for my future and the pile of expenses.
I am an artist  I am a painter  I am the brush, flowing on the canvas  I am the canvas, being tickled by the hairs of the brush  I am the color, being picked to make a master piece  I am the master piece 
Why do you expect so much, why do you think I did this and that? Is it because my lips, hips, and chest are full, or because of the arch in my back?
You told me you loved me You said I was pretty Honestly was it all out of pity?   I cried for you I would have died for you.  
Independence is. Independence is finding a place. Independence, is losing hold of what reality existed before. You’re hiding inside a tight locked case. And why? Because you want more. More approval,
I am perseverant.  They tell me I can't, I say I can and will. No challenge or obstacle is too great.  Even through the toughest trials, I will prevail and push through until I am succesful.
“Superhero” Alexis TyAnn   From the time that we are little we are serenaded with stories of superheroes, Sweeping in to save the day with their powers and their fancy capes
She sits in the room, with nothing to say, The kids make fun of her features and hair And she wonders, why they treat her this way? When ‘all men are equal’.. And it’s not fair
This is a curse not a gift So what is my mission this is a skin condition   Not one of my ambitionSo now here's your time to listen   When people look at meand ask me what is on your arm   I change the subject they should find some respect Not try
Something hand-made can be just as beautiful as something natural.   A stone, gothic cathedral can offer as much joy and  beauty as a regenerative tree.  
Standing in front of the mirror, what do you see? Is it the shade of your skin you can't stomach? Can't swallow the fact that you were born in a shade of black? Can't stand how the palm doesn't look like the black hand side?
I am Chase, I am orginal, I am me, I am cool, i am different, I am me, I am confident, I am successful, I am me      
I am beautiful. Some may choose to call me “vain” or “conceited” for this but they don’t understand. I choose to call myself beautiful because sometimes I fail to see it.
I was put on this earth to be somebody  not to please anything
I'm pretty fucking great. Pshh, you know what they say... Okay, so I didn't start that way. I started by living my life on the day-to-day, had no friends, but what could I say?
I am of my own breed To be unique Is not a passion, To be unique comes and never leaves, To be unique is always with you, To be unique moves with me, like the seas.   I am of my own breed
Sometimes they won't understand, You'll try to tell them but it's no use.
Sometimes when the world isn't nice to us, we forget how special we are
The world is full of beauty No one can deny But when we look into a mirror Most want to die Why do we do that? Hate what nature bestowed? Everyone is perfect Self-love is highly owed
"Simple person with a dream." "Never been the luckiest." "But somehow I'm still breathing."
Teenage angst, women wearing spanx to insecure to say thanks can’t take a compliment their disaster’s imminent don’t really know if this is relavant but im doin this for the hell of it
Living my life secluded inside of this bubble named Passivity She knows her name Oh Too Well She holds me hostage .CAPTIVITY! Restoring me. Keeping me from enjoying fun activities
I didn’t take that razor To end my life Or to show the world How unhappy I was
They say you never hear "YOLO" And classy in the same sentence. "They are total opposites... right?" But I disagree. The word "YOLO" may not seem "classy" But I think it depends on the person.
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