I Am Glad to Be a Pear

I didn’t take that razor
To end my life
Or to show the world
How unhappy I was

I don’t think people
Hurt themselves
Because that’s what they
Think they should do
But because in some way
They want to

I didn’t like how
My hips spilled over
The elastic of
My underwear
Like how water
Boils over
When you’re not watching
The stretch marks
On my inner thighs
Already looked like scars
So what would it matter
If I added more?

I didn’t take that razor
To try and cut off
The extra fat on my body
But to make little Xs
On the parts
That I would get rid of
Through hard work
Because I couldn’t just
Stop eating
I loved food too much
And I wasn’t going to
Make it come back up
I hate that taste too much

The marks on my hips
Were not deep at all
Just deep enough
To make little red marks
That would soon fade
And to be honest
Not long after those marks left
So did my fear

I threw that razor
In the trash
Just weeks
After I had found it
I don’t have any scars
Except the stretch marks
That still remain
On my inner thighs
Because I don’t mind them
They are what make me
Who I am

I have hips
And thighs
Which I have had
A bad image of
Since elementary school
But I just ignore anyone
Who thinks I’m fat
Because I look
Pretty spectacular
In dresses

And so be it
That my lower body
Doesn't match the upper
Because that just says
That I am like
The women
On my dad’s side of the family
Who are strong
And independent
And I am proud to be part of them

Pears are wonderful fruits
They don’t need to be cut in to
To taste good
God made pears for a reason
And I am glad I am one of them

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