Sat, 10/31/2015 - 15:52 -- grl1

Something hand-made

can be just as beautiful

as something natural.


A stone, gothic


can offer as much joy and 


as a regenerative tree.


A painting by Monet

can be just as lovely

as his garden.


Women with MRKH Syndrome

are born without a vagina. 

That makes them,


no less gorgeous 

and amazing

than the rest of these women.

The women who recite

monologues and proclaim

the beauty of nature and femininity

which all derive from 

the vagina.


There are options

to create one

through surgery or dilation,

but it will never

function like "normal"

in terms of fertility.


But it will still be beautiful.


I've heard so many monologues about

how beautiful women

and their vaginas



I'm just adding, 

for all those out there

struggling with MRKH

or any form of infertility,

that even hand-made vaginas

are beautiful and 

that you are beautiful

with or without



Not having a

natural vagina,

or any vagina,

does not make you

"unnatural" or "weird".


It makes us 



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