Tue, 07/28/2015 - 05:37 -- hd207

The world is full of beauty
No one can deny
But when we look into a mirror
Most want to die

Why do we do that?
Hate what nature bestowed?
Everyone is perfect
Self-love is highly owed

You gaze into a piece of glass
And hate what stares back
Yet do you notice your lovely eyes?
Or the people they attract?

Your face is full of mystery
Each freckle is unique
Each dimple adds some character
You’ll see if you just peek

Look deeply at your image
Stop muddling the reflection
With insecurities and hate
See the wonder and perfection

Not only is your beauty outward
But look inside as well
You possess such inner kindness
And your talent can only swell

Whether you write or paint
Or score the winning goal
You are a star in someone’s eyes
You are perfect in your soul

Perhaps you cannot see it yet
Don’t fret, it may take a while
But don’t forget you’re awesome
And don’t forget to smile


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