Of Signs and Self-Acceptance



The year has been a continuous spiral of the good and the bad, 

Thoughts of what I lost and what I've had.


Worry for my future and the pile of expenses.

Drowning in panic, stress, and tenseness.




But that all changed when I realized,

That you have to look upon life's bright side.


You can't let the fear of the real world consume you, 

Living life to your fullest potential is the only way to get through. 




I began to believe in myself,

I shaped myself for the better.

I refused to second-guess myself.


But I am not alone in this.

A close friend,

A recent lover, 

He assists me in this journey to self-acceptance.


I found my worth on my lonesome, 

But there were still things I needed to work on. 


I kept all of my emotions within,

I was shy and introverted,

Afraid to let go and be me comfortably.

Silent but deadly, I was.

A typical Virgo stereotype.


I couldn't stand up for myself, and it was evident. Though with the help of a person who's had to mature quicker than liked, I am beginning to feel comfortable in my own skin. 


On a road to standing tall and proud,

No more indecisiveness, no more fear.

I am living in the present,

Still acknowledging that the future is near.


I make my decisions proudly,

I try not to look back.

I'm trying to get it together,

I refuse to be the one that slacks.


I will cease to be stuck in nowhere, 

To be oblivious to all that exists, 

But I will also not linger on the bad,

For I have no room for negativeness.


I remember that life is hard,

I must work to achieve success,

But I remember to not lose my playful side, 

For all work and no play is a mess. 



I am a powerful and imaginative woman,

I am creative and almost bold.

I will walk through life free and happy, 

While still obeying what I am told.


I will be a successful woman,

I will sit on stacks of gold,

But I will not neglect those who helped me there,

I will remember even as I grow old.


The world around is changing,

As are we in the best of ways,

Cheers to all in '17,

Who strive for better days.

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