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Now YOU MUST Know The Saying ... ... "Opinions and Assholes, are one and the same !" ... EVERYONE's Got One Even If They Are ... LAME ... !!!!!
Keep your visions awake They can sneak away  as you sleep    Your dreams control them But barely hold the hill You will run from their onslaught  And let them run too  
It's hard to imagine a world where opinions dont matter Where what you feel is more than obvious  And that love was always mutual  It's heartbreaking to knoe that no matter how hard one tries there's always a  downfall or 
Here's a poem- Short and sweet. I want a soda. Do you agree? Which one shall it be? Coke...  or Pepsi?
I move Fluidly through the room Spinning        Arching                Bowing I leap through the air, landing and turning, almost     silent
Stare at the stars, Wondering who we are, And why we are lost. How is it possible to be ourselves, When we are unsure of who we are? How can we live to their expectations?
Am I real? Am I crazy, shy? Am I smart, weird, ugly, snarky? Am I nice, patient, a good friend, bad. A suck up, a tattle, a klutz, a loser. Who am I? I am a perception. An idea formed on limited knowledge and interaction.
we tread lightly,
Voice your opinion be heard Your silence is death But its only killing you Born with a purpose Have nothing to lose Only to gain Respect at the end Not from the contribution itself
When we are young, We learn to form our own ideas. Ideas that fill our minds Like stars fill the night sky And emotions fill the hearts of lovers.
Didn't you know?I'm nothing specialCompared to everyone elseI'm not important.   But truly that is what is not important.
  You tell me to state my mind when I am quiet.   You force me to share my thoughts on the daily things.   But when it comes time to voice what I believe
If I could change any one thing, It would not be hard for me, To choose to change what we think, of anything scaley.   Im talking of course of reptiles, Snakes and lizards and turtles, oh my!
36,24,26 i
My opinions are right Anyone else's is stupid and aren't worth a second thought You’re stupid, I am smart You're wrong, oh so wrong
examine him closely
If I could change anything one thing, no matter how big or small, I would probably change the voting age. 
Given this simple question one would answer, "Logan square of course."   Look a little deeper and you might answer, "well he lives in Logan square, but really he's much closer to Humboldt park."  
It's your turn to listen to me now.
Colorful thoughts swirl in my head Connecting to others with Shimmering strings.   A million pin-pricks Connecting the hitherto unconnected. So, with the valid proof provided,
All throughout your school years, we learn about a lot English, art and history, math and science too But when will we really use or put all this information to good use?
You're convincing, but it comforts me to know that you're not always right. Feelings and opinions aren't factual.  They're important, but they aren't facts. And you're wrong sometimes. We're human.
Ever since I've started school, I've learned many of their individual opinons, Being carved in the the way they want, Instead of learning the materail. Sure you can teach me things to get me through life,
Let me explain my addiction That lies in the world of fiction I'm just trying to beat the system But the answers somewhere distant The universe goes on and its never ending
I like every poem. At least, I've never met a poem I didn't like. It's not that every poem resonates with me or that I enjoy every poem; it's just that saying, "I DON'T LIKE YOUR POEM"
"Inhale the good Exhale the bad" These words are spoken.. as they rise to a dream of a life they wish they had I try to understand.. Why there is such a strong need for this thing known as "weed".. Or..
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