Weed and Contradicting Thoughts


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"Inhale the good
Exhale the bad"
These words are spoken.. as they rise to a dream of a life they wish they had

I try to understand..
Why there is such a strong need for this thing known as "weed"..


Ganja, bud, tree, Mary Jane, green, pot, dope, cannabis, grass, marijuana..

this "dank shit"
Are causing me thoughts you may find unfit

But that's just me..
My mind rolls into opinions that contradict themselves back and forth back and forth
Almost like my brain is literally cut into fourths

Back to topic...

What I do understand is the pain of constant rain
Dripping on your joys
Drowning the memories you hold
Soaking your smile till it has no choice but to crumble and fold
And I even get...
That it may help you find.. the deepest vaults of your mind
And you could argue.. that some people need to be handed a key.. to unlock their creativity

But is it genuine? Is it real?
Is that really how you feel?
Or is it a cloud of smoke that creates its own laughter.. the laughter you hear to a horse in a bar joke
Get the metaphor or don't
I guess it depends on how much you toke

Now I'm not talking to the cancer patients, or the people with eating disorders
I'm talking to the ones who see this leaf as a way of their life order

Grow the fuck up

Your problems can't stay rolled in a blunt

Roll to the ground and pray for strength
I'm sorry if you're mad, but I see being high as being weak

Maybe it's me and my contradicting thoughts
Maybe it's because I can't touch the ones I love because they're always higher than me..
it's just pure jealousy
See I can't blow trees
My mind panics at anything it can't see..

Which is why I'm honestly not sure where I stand
Everyone I love walks through this sand
Strutting proudly through the tiny grains of a high that bury their wrong
Crushing the pain that has made them.. them.. microscopic
But I believe.. that you.. you all by yourself..
Have the strength for opening your mind beyond telescopic

For you are beautiful
Along with your heart
No matter how many lies have been genuinely whispered to you in the dark
And you my love, and you as well, yes..
with the eyes that swell..
are amazing as YOU.
I can't see the person you truly are..
Because of the smoke that's covering your every scar

You are amazing as you
Not as this hovering cloud with the inability to touch the ground
And on this cloud I've sat.. so my opinion should be allowed..

But you see..

ground is reality..

And reality is life...

Which is a whole bunch of strife..

along with a million cuts from the sharpest knife..

That really just cuts till you bleed..
Cutting and and grinding until it reaches your very seed....

These are reasons to hide from this world
These are reasons to live in a comfortable curl
Walk with the image behind you unclear
Listen with words muted.. the ones that kill us to hear


These tortures have made me..


They are the building blocks of everything I am meant to be
They will bring light to everything I am meant to see
Supply the breath I am meant to breathe
Direct me to every bed of which my body will sleep
And place every salted stain on my cheeks

So I guess you could say.. that I am Mary Jane
And if I choose..
I myself will allow my lungs, body, and mind to let in any good and let out any bad

"Inhale the good, and exhale the bad" ..

Silent and pure
Let my words be my cure
Am I sure?

This is my anguished opinion..
These shaken thoughts are concrete
I know.. my mind is tad off beat

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, of course

It's all good if you disagree
I understand if your life.. is.. weed

It's okay.. do you.
But these words..
I'm doing me too.


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