The Power of Ideas

When we are young,

We learn to form our own ideas.

Ideas that fill our minds

Like stars fill the night sky

And emotions fill the hearts of lovers.

These ideas can be used to express the complexity of the world around us.

We live in a world where beauty is abundant,

Yet even the most beautiful things have their darkness.

We live in a world where our ideas,

Free and unblemished,

Provide strangers the ability to cast their blemishes upon us.

We must let our ideas flow.

We must not hold them back

Because we will be holding the world back.

A newspaper headline can have an emotional effect like that of an earthquake,

Yet it is nothing more than ink on paper. 

Maybe that is the key.

The paper and the ink do not hold the power. 

Sharing ideas gives a writer's words the ability to soar.

And arent we all writers in one way or another?

If we let our ideas go,

They become something bigger than just ideas.

They can spark a revolution or help someone survive another day.

Our ideas have power,

We just need to let them free.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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