Didn't You Know?


Didn't you know?
I'm nothing special
Compared to everyone else
I'm not important.


But truly that is what is not important.


I don't need to be "special" to someone
I don't need to be "perfect" in eyes that can see
what must be only the glaze
How can I sit here?
Be subjected to this
"one man vision"
That's just it


I can't.


The agonizingly painful truth
at least to you
Is that I don't need you
I'm my own person
I am the star in my own story
The light that can not be snuffed out
The candle that stands solitarily in the wind
I am not someone who can stand sweet by sweet
niceness and courtesy
To people who spew out words
thinking they can pat me down
like they're the cops of appearances.

Didn't you know?


I run this joint
I am my own queen
I don't need someone to guide me
through looks
to tell me that I don't match their
I will drop every expectation you have
and drop it straight in the trash
where it belongs
I am my own person
I have my own life
My own opinions
I'm too busy running my own life
the way I want it to be
the way I love it to be
to care
about your opinions
Sorry to break it to you sweet heart
but the only opinion that will ever matter
is mine

I'm flawless.


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