Mon, 07/31/2017 - 13:39 -- Rivzz

It's hard to imagine a world where opinions dont matter

Where what you feel is more than obvious 

And that love was always mutual 

It's heartbreaking to knoe that no matter how hard one tries there's always a  downfall or 

negative flaw

Doesnt matter how hard you fall there's no one to catch you 

And the feelings aren't always assumed but must be said for the ears to hear 

So with that being said I've laid it down on all papers had dit heard by all ears and even 

then you still couldn't hear 

I know that your sight was almost intact and your ears heard all well but was the issue 

my name or the peron it held for that i wasn't quite sure

I struggless and foughgt but the outcome was none 

Always came back with less and I fought back with more 

So I whisper it now annd I'll whisper it always I love you my love hope someday it'll 

not only be mine but your voice saying it always


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