What Would I Change?


If I could change any one thing,

It would not be hard for me,

To choose to change what we think,

of anything scaley.


Im talking of course of reptiles,

Snakes and lizards and turtles, oh my!

They make people squirm and turn in exile,

For such beautiful creatures, they make so many cry.


They say heartless killers!

I see passionate Mothers!

They say mindless beasts or creatures!

I see them as neither!

They say dimwitted!

I think they are outsmarted!

by the complex nature,

of such fine animals that I wager,

my entire life in devotion to,

teaching such people what is really the truth.


If I could change one thing,

It would be,

That everone and everybody,

Would love reptiles as much as me.


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