Lots of Rhyme In A Little Time


Let me explain my addiction

That lies in the world of fiction

I'm just trying to beat the system

But the answers somewhere distant

The universe goes on and its never ending

And thats where we belong but time keeps on descending

Your style so ungeneric so lets just get it trending

Unaccepted in this world but lets just get it peding

Because I want to be accepted

Thats the biggest prize

But its no fun to accomplish that with bullshit and lies

I woke up this morning

I'm still yawning

In my dream I saw this thing that was beautiful and foreign

Hold up I've been sidetracked

So to the topic we get right back

So that I can make your day and you can feel super excited

Wordplay wordplay nothing but wordplay

Doominator Dr. Doom comes out on doomsday

This flow is so damn groovy

All I see is open mouths

Meaning you have nothing to say


Picture so clear you'd think it was blue-ray



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.   

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