Stuff You Can't Say To Your Teacher

All throughout your school years, we learn about a lot

English, art and history, math and science too

But when will we really use or put all this information to good use?

The things we learn about in school today will slip out of our minds tomorrow

I believe we should learn more life skills, instead of reading from the books

We were never taught how to balance a checkbook, pay bills, or buy a house

 Because my school was too worried about trigonometry and calculus

The things we are taught are unnecessary and we'll never need to use

Teach us things we need to know outside of the classroom

Being smart and learning things is all good and fun

But we need to know things that crucial for making it on our own

I guarantee if we start teaching life skills in classrooms today

These things will be put to the test and used almost everyday

Our nation would be better off, our people's budget's balanced

And most of all, I won't see you in the McDonald's line

Tossing up my salad


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