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Go into your cave Lick your wounds I understand Your a leo lion too,,,,   You give all of what you got All that you can do....   I will clap when I am near And wave from afar....
     Stage one is preparation for you to go when our time is finally up  and I can be alone stage one is me excied when driving with you back home so that I can finally lay by myself
     Dearest love, My darling supporter  my number one fan, The newest thing on my mind I write to you becuase I know pain I don't know what you need no two people can feel the same
If you have someone else please tell me because I’m starting to get that feeling I always get before they fail me please don’t use me  And if you’re looking for a soul to hurt 
Neglect Abuse Abandonment The beginning of our undoing. Separation Deprivation Time
Deja Vuvu, I'm alone and you're out doing you.  Only difference is that there are no tears being shed over the absence of you.  Heart numb from repeating the same things needed, but dismissed. 
Every part of me desires to be your lover and best friend. But how can I be your lover when your actions speak “my enemy”, not “friend to me.”
Is reunion possible after an estrangement? Certainly. Though usually much has changed... And even if things aren't exactly amiss remember, it is said one can never go
I’ll never see my parents if they hug too many people, and I’ll never see my friends if they are crowded by a steeple, and I’ll never see my lovers if they die before I meet ‘em,
I speak of letters, not the kind integral to poets and authors ; the fabric with which they weave the tapestry of their craft. Not the letters that are the blood of human language.
The sunlight echoes across the room in waves. We said goodbye; they left down the callow way. Later, after fizzy breath and Valentine thoughts,
Dear Whatever you are,   Dear whatever you are I hope you’re doing well.
Do you think about me the way I do about you? Do you reminisce about the past we once shared? I await the day when I can hold your hand again and smile because of our love Do you think about me, too?  
As I wait for you, I hear the rain.I wonder if I'll ever see you again.You left months ago.
I'll leave you the love I held  for you under our empty bed,  next to the rear-view mirror that once held a picture of our smiles.  I'll leave you the lingering feeling you once gave me
I learned to drive today, Did pretty well, But you had nothing to say Because you weren't there.   I graduated last year A huge celebration with friends. We had it right here,
Crucial: a day, year, month in which      I can never turn back.  Now, no turning back does not mean I cannot look forward,       and looking forward does not mean I can't learn from my past. 
Good and bad. Where is the line drawn. What differentiates the good from the bad. We all sin, make mistakes, and chose the wrong paths Yet we are still good. What crosses the line to make us bad?
Why must you go? Can we not sit in the shade and talk like we used to?   Do you not want to watch the violets bloom underneath the tree we had claimed as ours?
I have the same wrinkles in my forehead. Just like my dad. When I scrunch my face up, I resemble him. I don’t appreciate it anymore. 
Torn apart between Two guardians’ religions As well as my own Torn apart between Celebrating both of two worlds Or neither at all
My love I love you for who you are with all your scars and all your quirks I love you for you When we are apart I wish that I had your arms around me holding me tight at night
One of these days of these nights...We won't fight and everythings gonna be alrightOne of these days one of these nights ........One of these nights everything will be alrightBut on this night just doesn't feel rightThis night your no
Teeth gleaming, always laughing, She's the captain of numerous teams, She has a multitude of friends, Hair always in place, Mascara never running.   She walks home alone.
A constant smile buries the tragic tale behind me Some are haunted by love and others run from the tramatizing truth There's a lot in the world That I just don't believe in;
Separation based on location too far to reach too far to go not close enough to home I can see you I can hear but I cannot reach out and feel you 'cause separation based on loaction is a thing
Breath that hums soft and still plays the silent drum Your eyes that pierce the sky are filled with ever lasting love Down to your feet that soak with water on a rainy day
I turn on the radio and that same song you sung brings back memories of you being gone. Every time I saw you I felt as if I was in a dream, but now that it's over I know it was just a scheme.  
i can't remember how many day's it's been.
You sent me three text messages last night: "I’m drunk as fuck over the toilet man"The nightmares beneath my skinthreaten to possess the shell ofmy body.I am nothing buta diseased corpse.
Time ticks slowly, almost like my heart with out you Just like the Moon, has to be away from the Sun, I have to be away from you.   Every once in awhile you visit me in my dreams
You stand on one side. I stand on the other.This gulf between us threatens to eat us alive.Your life is set. Goals all ready. Why do I bother?Our lives are going different ways. Is this goodbye?
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