Separation based on Location

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 11:40 -- Myther

Separation based on location

too far to reach

too far to go

not close enough to home

I can see you

I can hear

but I cannot reach out and feel you

'cause separation based on loaction is a thing

my mind still contemplates you

my heart still holds you

my eyes still seek you

but my hands can't touch you

distance that cannot be breached as of now

and responsibilities that cannot be dropped as of now

seem to make it grow and grow

this separation based on location

but when I'm no longer here

and you're no longer there

it will be a grand day indeed

my eyes will seek and find

my hand will reach and grasp

my ears will hear and my mouth will speak

and their will be no separation,

especially one based on location



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