Beautiful scars

If you have someone else please tell me because I’m starting to get that feeling I always get before they fail me please don’t use me 

And if you’re looking for a soul to hurt 

please don’t choose me 

and if you already fooled me here’s your applause for when I wasn’t looking cutting me deep with your claws thankyou for adding to my beautiful scars and thank you for leaving me after taking me this far 

tell me what was the purpose of your presence

you left me starving like a peasant 

I guess I never learned my lesson 

I ignored the pain you gave like in my name it wasn’t already engraved 

like my minds I didn’t turn gray 

like how I had to fight myself to stay 

tell me why was my heart that’s who are you used to play you didn’t even carry gently 

you claim it wasn’t intentionally 

But I remember you holding my heart in your hand 

And you squeezed it tightly 

if I didn’t listen to your command 

now you tell me if that wasn’t deliberately 

you had me under torridity 

yet I still loved you unconditionally and all I asked for was some consistency but no you let me bleed slow and you didn’t care to cut my wombs deeper if only my heart had a Beeper if only my conscience had a speaker you had me thinking you were made from the freezer 

Iguess when it comes to love your a non believer 

because your heart so cold tell me the story that’s untold  the one that made your heart no longer worth as much as gold 

But Wait I think there’s something you should know 

I am getting tired of the show although I loved your disguises 

But now it’s my turn to be decisive 

I can no longer ride this train

 I am not this peasant 

I am royalty 

I am the reign 

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