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Today I wasn’t feeling like a poet Today I didn’t feel good enough to be called one Today I wrote about death Today I wrote about death and hated what I saw so I hid the words. I hid the words and let them die
I dream of climbing out my window in the dead of night Perching myself on the rooftop and gazing up at the stars The worlds different when it's dark out It's still
Her cracked fingernails Are now covered in a fresh varnish That shimmers Like a clouded jewel freshly polished.   Her bloodied lips
  I'm the helper. Thats the role I play in society. I'm the type of person who puts others before herself, Who keeps the peace, Who meets others expectations,
Tired. Exhaustion I seek to be retired Where did it come from Starting when I first came to the planet Beginning of my life
Life is long Like a race We have to run We need to beat other runner But what’s the purpose?   You don’t have to run When you don’t know your destination It’s okay to stop
I can stage a small rebellion  anytime, even at dinner. Sucking, gnawing citrus proudly as the others inhale pie. 
I have so much anger. I have so much blame, so much doubt, and so much shame. I drown in malevolent actions, while I dwell on past interactions. I may ride on golden chariots but I always wonder if life is worth it.
Ever so corrupted Is our society We need to lay hatred to bed Yet the others do not see   I have become humanities scapegoat Its as if this earth is on mute Its arms around my throat
Do you ever get that feeling The feeling of wanting to fly But your wings are broken Every word unspoken   Do you ever get that feeling The longing desire to run But your legs are paralyzed Your nerves are tranquilized   Tell me the truth As my so
A slave to one's own mind. Time and time again, I sit there in a continuum of fluster. The strength I could not muster. For I am alone. Here to pick up the pieces to the puzzle on my own.
Life gets pretty crazy doesn’t it? Work, school, obligations and your teen years with hormones.  Oh but little guy you are my favorite stress relief Little Yorkie, you’ve been there since 2002 replacing my holes
SMOOTH IS AS SMOOTH DOES ========================== Dedicated to: The Classmate of Political Science II Fall 1996
She draws with graphite and charcol and pens I draw with my words that is all I know and have ever known.  My grandma teaches me with paints on her lap I was a "messy painter," not a
With unsteady hands and a shaky spirit
Taking a road, A road down uncharted territory,  From a flower blooming  to a restless seed. A silly child, know-it-all wondering amioulsy and understandingly feeling tall; 
I am the trunk of the chopped tree submerged under the weight of trampled earth. I am the dirt underneath your finger nails. I have no polish. I am Sandy's nephew and Katrina's first love.
They whisper to come and waste your time on the
I never understood
“Congratulations Mamn. She is a beautiful young girl. She will be called Jane 727,690,843.” Brown locks in frenzied curls Frame a round face Diamonds shoot from dark brown eyes A giggle surpasses rose lips
    Like many things Perfect waves end up breaking ... For they are not faulty  When they are born Growing from force
  I'm a small rebel,female with many levels,
The chains are gone, and I can finally walk
They call me Melody Melody like a song I stand alone as an independent individual I stand out in the crowd of my school
You hear it all the time The cliched,  "There are only two types of people in the world..." But the world is more than just black and white
The peoples of the earth have looked wide, But few have looked at the side   Where the light shined the most bright. They didn't want to look straight into the light;  
Wild and Reckless, thank you so much  as you reflect on all of us.   Wild and Reckless,  we appreciate this. We will never forget  the bad name you gave us.   
"Tell the story of your life, and tell it well," they said.
  In a mad rush of confusion they hide away In a simulation of warmth and safety they hide away The thoughts inside me weep with frustration and hide away because there is no way to sort them out today.  
Hello there teacher! I am so sorry to tell you that your class is a mess! Behind your back, OH NO could it be! Wall twerking! Maybe… Texting! Of corse… Learning! NOOO! Your class is a mess!
I walk into the room, no one looks up, I stand just outside the group, no one seems to see. At first I think, "It must be me." Then I realize, it's you.
I like to let my imagination run wilder with every darker shade of the night sky, as the sunset melts away onto the other side of the world, like sherbet ice-cream left on the counter for too long.
Conforming, following the example set by your peers. Assimilate, DAWES, the norm. How is something so expected of the young adolescent so bad to actually do? You get accused of: copying, faking, being one dimensional.
Sick and tired of being sick and tired. You scream our way, it will backfire. Are we out? Is it time? Do you give a crap, Mrs. Madeline? Is it necessary that we know, what becomes of the "planet" Pluto?
as i look upon my heart i notice all the deviations some of which were mine to start others were miscreated
When life gives you lemons you make lemonade When life gives you cruelty you turn into a renegade Opressed by the powerful and feared of the mighty Fearing on what tommorow might bring
A fight to fight A will to win A loss and all its strife A maiden bane An iron chain A cosmic blow to life A thought profound A mind unbound A song to set you free A voice to quell
For every hero there is a villain, There is a win in ever lost, Just as the poor and rich are binned by thought, One has to fall, For another's strive, Often conflicted by truth, Deceived by lies,
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