I like to let my imagination

run wilder with every

darker shade of the night sky,

as the sunset melts away

onto the other side of the world,

like sherbet ice-cream

left on the counter for too long.

I like to unravel the ropes that 

keep it tied up in the 

presence of society.

I find a quiet spot in the park.

My sanctuary.

And I sit back and let my

shoulders loosen up

and let my head unhinge.

I let the colors out.

And the beautiful.

And the absurd.

And sometimes the frightening.

As far as I can see is my canvas,

and I fill the space up with my thoughts.

And pretty soon the universe 

is full to the brim with my

imagination, skimming the sky,

riding on the wind,

caressing the clouds

and other boundless places.

I will never let my inner child die again.

Whoever said that creativity 

should be left for children is lost inside.

So I will pour it all out.

I will paint the world with my colors and thoughts

and happiness. 


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