Liberate Myself


United States
33° 39' 4.8132" N, 112° 14' 39.7068" W
United States
33° 39' 4.8132" N, 112° 14' 39.7068" W

The chains are gone,

and I can finally walk

free, now that I have

a mind of my own,

I refuse to look back.


I think I could

stick around for a while,

and let you see

that you





I will dye my hair,

as much as I can,

the colors on the rainbow

will be my palette.

All the swear words known

by the human race

will come out of my mouth,

to show you that the strings

are finally broken,

that I am no longer

your goddamn puppet.





piercings in my left ear,

and maybe, another one

on my lips and nose

just to piss you  off.

A tattoo,

with the width of my back,

or maybe

just the length of my arm,

a dirty jacket

and ripped jeans,

to prove you

that you do not own me,

that I can be a walking disaster

no matter if you dislike it.


Because I learned,

that behind all the gibberish

you tend to say

about peace and tolerance

there's hidden

a subliminal message of hate,

that behind your

all loving words,

there's a quiet threat

for anyone who dares

not do what you say.

So I made

my life mission,

make your life

a living hell,

and let your true colors

finally on display.

Because for you

it always has been

do as I say,

not as I do.


So I'm calling you out on your bullshit.


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