Guider's Light


United States
21° 28' 27.9048" N, 158° 0' 43.128" W
The peoples of the earth have looked wide,
But few have looked at the side
Where the light shined the most bright.
They didn't want to look straight into the light;
The beam was too right for them to peer at life.
Constant fight was in front of the sight and brought strife.
The light opened wider to help the outsider,
Still the peoples turned aside to prevent the divider.
They stick together to stand against the one higher.
None win but they prefer to keep it together and spit fire.
Pain is worth the resistance to the life guider.
After all, who wants to live a life with a holder on the shoulder?
It's a battle worth the burn and yearn for the stern.
Nothing holds the strugglers back but the promised return,
So I will hold the word above my head
And wait 'til we've heard of the last sounds and life turns red.


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