The Seven Stages Of My Reawakening

Taking a road,

A road down uncharted territory, 

From a flower blooming 

to a restless seed.

A silly child, know-it-all

wondering amioulsy and understandingly

feeling tall; 

Hanging with the cool kids, 

Acting all dumb and irrelevant;

Then an awkward introvert reveals itself

to be lonelier than a china doll

sitting on a dusty bookshelf;

Never heard, never seen, never thought of

like the rebel who breaks the bounds of their existence, 

restlessly hoping for a chance of redeeming grace; 

The adventurous thrill-seeker, 

searching for the next adrenaline rush

to keep stead-fast and forever young; 

Unlike the psychopathic rage running through

each vein seeking to burst out of the seams 

and become the rage against the machine;

The hopeless romantic swoops in through the night, 

beaming like the effervescent stars in a heart-shaped box

under a balcony of first times;

In the end beholds the dreamer

whom leaves things up to chance

believing there is no always,

just the right now;

Burrowing up loose ends

whilst beginning nuance. 

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