"Rebel" rap song

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 22:28 -- Soulae

I'm a small rebel,
female with many levels,
I got too big of a heart,
A soul that comes to bring trouble,
Start up a discussion,
a conversation,
how I'm not letting anyone control me,
My mouth used to be,
but I ripped the scarf off cause I was tired of being locked in a box,
holded back,
Voices telling me to be something i'm not,
When clearly the human in me is ready to come out,
To be imperfect showing that I'm worth it,
revealing my true colors cause I'm just not perfect,
Red, yellow,
I'm ready to go,
Cause his light told me so.
I don't know,
how this rap game is orchestrated,
but I paid attention real closely to the music,
how it's written,
how they use it,
they abuse it,
controlled by the record labels,
putting stacks in they hands,
dents in they pants,
I hear it,
their music don't even reflect the heart no more,
It's lost in the picture of popularity,
It's a rarity,
to be real,
to sell the truth,
to story tell,
where you came from
Be vulnerable,
Let people see your heart,
relate to your struggle,
Music now reflects the chain on ya neck,
watch on ya wrist,
The fame that you tryna represent,
I'm not rapping for the business,
that's the easy way out,
I see you took that route,
It's more complex, for me and myself,
I rap cause I got a heart,
feel deeply,
Got a perspective,
Imma perspectivist,
gotta story to tell,
it's hard for me to not connect with what's real,
I'm undressing my mind that needs to be addressed in this society,
unconsciously depressed,
My voice needs to be heard by the blind,
eared in because their being brainwashed,
hip-hop is what I'm standing for,
standing proud on this floor of lyrical, original, creative pencils,
black power needs to be restored,
we need to bring back James Brown,
I'm black and I'm proud,
freedom of speech,
holding no words back,
freeing self to speak, 
that's what I respect,
words and a mic, 
that's all you need to be heard. 


Forget what the industry tells you,

just be yourself,

dont let nobody sell you,
cause if you do,
you'll be cheap like everyone else around you,
Wearing fame crossing out they name,
You ain't gotta sell out, or settle down to be committed to ya craft,
just marry yourself,
be a rebel,
go against the normal,
cause all you need in this life of hiphop,
is you and ya mic. 



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i dig it

has a rap lyrical flow that's very catchy

well said and keep building


thanks, appreciate the comment.

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