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Push comes to shove Paper to pen Tears leave my cheek Feeling the ocean's waves of emotion again Sitting in the dark pit of my room I look up at the ceiling When I realized
Winter eyes cause wild storms. Through the halls how they adore. Fallen love and broken hearts Hers is foam its blown apart. In the light her beauty shines To any other she could tell no lies
Liber watched the humans from above, Wishing she could feel their love. So she descended from the sky Her beauty made the mortals cry.
She didn't deserve to hurt  She didn't deserve all the pain she felt from  Friends, Family, Teachers She didn't deserve to be tormented and ostricized  Because of some scars on her arms 
Umpisahan natin sa salitang paalam, 
another relationship another breakup today, our one month anniversary  she breaks up with me after isolating herself for days blaming me not even trying to fix things
Show, don’t tell, They say in every English class ever But who are they to Hold me with a binding tether   My life is my own
The days after you left were like sunken hells in my bedroom. I painted the walls rich reds and blacks using nothing but my feelings.
A sigh…above all to be thrown to shine not even a smile, Remainder is a wreck wandering ‘in purgatory due ‘ a cyclone. Cried the stars with ‘less scars there the equation is to groan,
She has a heart of gold And yet, you throw it all away You treated her as if she were nothing Why should she stay? She gave you everything But, you made her feel empty She was often blindsided
I stare into her eyes and they tell me all I need to know but I ask anyways  Why do you push me away? Why do I feel the way I do when I hold you?
My mind keeps replaying the mornings when i'd wake up with you on my mind.   2 hours away getting ready, to look good--for you getting butterflies in my stomach
I spend yet another night, jonsing for a kiss only you can give me, longing to be held only in your arms, wanting to cling onto you and lay down in our blissful silence, saying so much but at the same time, not much at all.
He said he likes her She secretly likes him   He has many things in common with her  She is only the friend   He confesses and gets rejected She is there to comfort him
First he wants you, then he doesn't want youHe says to let it flowBoy make up your mindIt's either a yes or a noOriginally I'm your girl then you say I'm just a friend
Ever gave someone your all
It hurts Worse than getting hit in the face It hurts More than having to pack my bags and never come back It just hurts And there's nothing I can do But that doesn't change the facts
It…was the first time…that I’d ever felt extramarital sex was a sin Was the first time I’d tasted the bitterness of this forbidden fruit I’d always found sweet Your hands which I’d always thought were warm chilled me to the bone
Guess it's true I'm notGood enough, I don't understandBut I never really wanted you to goI had to do it for myselfSecond thought, I left I had to goBecause deep down I avoided youBreaking my heart
If my love for you could be written into words or defined by actions Then the moon will fall and the sun will turn cold as that has more of a chance of happening than I do with you.
I fear she'll come in my life and make her mark
Its her long blonde hair, Softer than a pillow, smoother than silk.   Its her dark hazel eyes, Reflecting pools of innocence and purity.   Its her shallow dimples,
You Lied You Lead Me on Man I thought I could trust you Tought there was a reason you asked if I liked you If I wanted to meet up I thought maybe just maybe you to Then you put me on the spot
If I can only write once, this is what I'd say from deep within... The Pain within draws me into an abyss to deep for me to pull myself out of.
A glance from you shatters stars in the sky The pieces crumble They fall into the ocean, where they’re washed by the salt Of the tears of men whose hearts you’ve broken before mine
I shall not shed a tear when your heart leaves mine I shall not show the fear inside I shall not miss your touch I shall not miss your warmth near I shall not miss your lips upon mine
You don’t want to invest the timeTime is nothing, you lieEverything was beautifulRoses in the garden,Cloudless skiesBut the raging clouds kept coming from your eyesOn that day,
Firm arms wrapped around my waist Chocolatey skin I can almost taste Your words caress my senses But strangely provoke my defenses These words you speak, are they even yours?
My head is taunted By the ghosts of best friendships past. There are no late night conversations, or nights illuminated only by the T.V.’s light, or “Call me anytime, I’ll always be there.” No inside jokes
Blood drippingLegs closedArms coveredFeelings exposed Hearts racingWounds unhealedMorbid thoughtsLips are sealed Alone AloneYou left againA knife in my backIgnorant men
High school is an amazing experience Parents aren't the liars I thought they were 3 years ago I could do without all of the work, bad teachers, and ignorance Well... high school is a pretty good experience
You said you care But I don’t see you here You said it was tough You weren’t wrong   Are you my best friend Or have you made myself my own worst enemy and you are far away  
Bitches will be bitches. But what is a friend? A Friend is someone you trust, would do anything for A Friend is someone who you care about
-"Good things don't last forever,"  Said my mother. "I know that now," I told her. -The feeling of emptiness, clouding my thoughts After, for a while, I mentally fought  As I tried to move on
The connection. The look in your eyes. The way you said you loved me, I miss all that. Others told me to stay away, said you were no good. I refused to believe, and fell for you. I fell for your smile, your voice, your caing words.
Once, a thought to be betrothed, So long that was a thought ago. To shift from love to vex right then, Confusion over my heart's delicate den. A kiss, a hug, embrace so sweet; Never again to have that glee.
If only, if only we could go back to the way it was. But everyone knows it never would have been the same anyways.    Never trust a dog who runs back to the owner who abuses him.
I was a boy who was so confused. I felt like a hopeless toy. The joy starts to flow like the skies of my light. It's hard to reminisce the battle wounds.     It guided me through my shame.
  We run towards the water Racing through the sand, Leaving footprints as memories to reminisce upon, To reach where the waves Kiss the shore And get sent away But come back every time –
I'm just a girl who is trying to find the answers. Lost in the dark wanting to find the light, but I'm not alone here. Something is in the dark with me, something painful, sad, and depressing. He goes by the name of Misery.
So I'm finally reunited with my friend at long last, She is a close and dear friend from my past.  Back then, everytime we talked was a moment of bliss, I was always thinking, "Man, it couldn't get any better than this."  You see, back then I was
I was close So close To letting you go Then you came back Back into my life Told me how you love me How you've missed me So I return those truths Hope boiling over Now I sit here
I hate you. I want you out of my life. I lied. I love you. I wanted to make things work. I tried. Your actions as well as your words cut me deep.
I write because I was born in a place like hell Where, I dare tell Abuse is what my mother chose After the finishing the bottle the anger arose. There were usually some scars and bruises
Why is it that the one person you try so hard to care about Can't seem to get the message through their head? Are they blinded by emotion? Does you even matter to them? 
Life has become to stray Wanting to go away forever and a day On time for the first bus ride Just because you are trying to hide You left because your parents hate Honestly they didn’t want you to become bait
Life experiences shaped me but ain't mold me Till this day, I still remember what people told me Told me I'd never be anything I'd never rise But now as I look, I see there's a part of me missing
I write to express the things I will never say. My thoughts of grief and joy. I write those feelings that others are wont to deny. I write when I feel broken, broken to where I am not certain of who I am.
These hands of mine Carry the burden given by us all The labor of surviving in the wild concrete jungle Demonstrates itself in the form of sweat trickling Pores widening, opening itself up to the world
There will be a day when you ignore someone you loved dearly. There will be a day when you will never see who use to be your best friend. There will be a day when you smile along with your worst enemies.
Once upon a time there lived a boy Raised in neutral conditions Had a favorite toy Didn’t have a lot of thing That he could enjoy Always been creative And would never destroy He grew up
Unrelenting tears of muscle That reshape itself and this is labeled as getting in shape To endure such tears you need hustle Hustle to finish what you have started
Pause Now go back to living Like my dad did on rice and grits Lost many and gained few to none new buddies I don't call them friends Trust and depend on them first To rip apart my back and front
Plagued with infidelity She fornicates in rhythms and melody Driven by jealousy In search of intimacy so she lies next to him She says it isn’t love but she says it wasn’t lust
First glance of eyes opening, Learned life while running, Sorrow through the times hoping, Eyes closing soft and slowly
My Brain, I want to shoot it. My heart, I want to cut it. For my feelings I don't want to feel one bit. When these two things fight it out, it's hard to hear which one is screaming out loud.
To see the one I love, happy, means the world to me Even if that means I've got to set him free I love him But he loves someone else
I will never fall in love for fear of a constantly harrowed heart
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