Meant To Be


We run towards the water

Racing through the sand,

Leaving footprints as memories to reminisce upon,

To reach where the waves

Kiss the shore

And get sent away

But come back every time –


I turn to my side

With my hand outstretched

Waiting to be filled with yours.

Then I realize

I am standing alone.

My heart breaks into a million pieces –

A handful of sand.

Waves kiss my cheeks

And are sent away,

But they won’t come back this time around.

I start walking back to where we first began –

Going backwards in time.

The sand returns to its original broken-glass state.

I relive all the memories.

Every step creates a new cut,

Each deeper than the last one.

The waves crash harder and harder

With every passing moment.

I pick up the biggest pieces of glass

In an effort to put them back together,

So that I can return to the life I had,

Before you came and shattered it.

The problem is,

I don’t think the pieces I’ve chosen

Will fit together,

Because I cant remember

What life I had before us.

You have left a footprint on my heart.

I’ve known that for a while.

Thank you for shattering my life.

It was for the better,

But like the waves against the shore,

No matter how many times you send me away,

I’m gonna keep coming back,


The truth is,

There are no waves without a shore,

And someday

You’ll realize,

There are no shores without waves either.


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