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I watch and I hear but where do I start It seems like America is falling apart This land of the free this home of the brave Is killing it’s people and digging their grave We feel everyday when we turn on the news Another hashtag is trending anothe
America has caught a fever FIrst it took Oscar Then it stole Treyvon Next it was Jordan, then Kendrick then Odin Following were Raymond, Jonathan then Reinesha
Just a kid in a candy store with his family in peace Innocent he became a victim of prejudice and of a loophole of law and missing interference as Z shot a bullet on Trayvon and the nation
I love my dark skinMy dark….dark skinI embrace every inch of melanin that I possessFor my dark skin is that of a goddessMy dark skin, it layers…. intelligence
Was Trayvon Martin so bad because he was one of the blacks? The law tries to cover it up, but it's time we state facts. Trayvon was killed because of the color of his skin.
Only thought It would be a typical night going to the store Some candy and tea nothing less nothing more. Hoodie on. Innocent as ever. With racism as the weather.
Zimmerman shot the gun before he could think.
My screams echo against my own ear drums. Yet, no one even turns a head to save me.  Do you hear me?
A young boy, misunderstood. Seen only for a color                                         a tone                                                       a shade.
Were we there, do we know? Do we know true facts for sure? its our minds who believe what we're told. who ever caused it, there hearts are cold. the one that were there know and the guilt will show.
The victor was a democrat, Who won with the drop of a hat. Republicans tried their best. Their defeat, they had confessed, And Mitt was left on the door mat.            
  Murderous” Watchmen Lurking in the fog of night. Our judgment?  Voiceless.
As he walks in, He sits amongst his peers, Everyone he knows He known through the years He speaks, "I know you are new, let me tell ya something that I know would help you get through.
My brother a little older than I, where have you gone? where are you? come home if you may, We have school tomorrow, it's your senior year, your whole life ahead of you.   OH, wait,
Let me flow in the river. The cool water washing my body. My eyes aimed at the sky in hope of rain. The rain is to wash away my blackness.
Young man shot in the streets Young man bleeding from head to feet The shootings of this young generation Is on a repeat 18 is all the young man whished he could be But he was gunned down 
There are those who say he died because he was black. Because some racist wanted desperately to be a hero. And there are those who say he died because he was violent.
Human beings just the same old or young black and free white and chained different eyes different skin hundreds of tongues human being still the dealer down the street
A shadow in the night Here comes the opportunity. For some Old timer, trying to be Superman to redeem himself.   A shadow in the night. I'll take him This comfy little suburb
mere words would minimize the demise i devise  the fire the passion the silent corruption bounded surrounded  repressed opressed in a realm of imperfections
POW! POW! POW! Wait! Life has to see- POW! POW! POW! The slimy-spunned around crime of intestines- POW! POW! POW! Why can't you stop, my friend is- POW! POW! POW!
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