No peace, no justice

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 20:31 -- IbrizM1


I write to take hold of the platform God gave me to speak to these young black teens. See I heard they only listen when you scream so I'm yelling from hood to hood, standing on top of bodegas and preaching down glass shattered ally ways. I hope they hear me. I need to tell them that these ways, these crooked and violent ways that they have become immune to, These ways that have been passed down from generation to generation were not the ways that were intended for this generation. Mr. King didnt lose his life so that you could take your brothers life and Ms. Parks wasnt arrested so that you could accept yourself as less than a white man. These thousands of people did not fight so that you could dileberately speak with a slang to hide any sign of intelligence all in fear of being called white. Since when does a high IQ level result in a low level of melanin These scientific facts that we have grew up on show nothing more than high levels of false information and a low level of race confidence. As long as we show no inner confidence and unity these officials will step all over us. Emmitt till should have been enough for us to stand together indefinitely but I guess a few more not guiltys and shot down black hoodies that covered innocent black faces are needed until we realize these riots are not helping our case but more like helping theirs because we're proving just how violent and uncivilized we really can be. And until we can stand together as one again we will never be taken seriously. They view us a threat broken apart just imagine the fear a peaceful united front would bring. No peace, no justice. 


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