Human Just the Same

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 13:41 -- Myther

Human beings just the same

old or young

black and free

white and chained

different eyes

different skin

hundreds of tongues

human being still

the dealer down the street

the priest behind the pulpit

the young man with a gun

the old man with a grudge

human just the same

the old man with a gun

the young man with no sight

the widow and the teacher

the hyprocite

the leecher

human just the same

different brains

differnet reasons

different seasons for the same


and defamation

Human Being Just the Same

those waiting for the shot

chained to bars

as life draws to a close

the righteous

and the broken

from politicians

to the mute

even those who salute

the terrorists

the criminals

those left to die

the children

the innocent

the ignorant

Human Just the Same

delivering revenge

delivering the justice due

the injustices they perceive

is what the human beings

always try

the right

the wrong

the deaf

the blind

the homebound

the alien

in the end there is nothing

left for shame

or doubt

but they are human all the same

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