Just a kid in a candy store

with his family in peace

Innocent he became a victim of prejudice

and of a loophole of law and missing interference

as Z shot a bullet

on Trayvon and the nation

turning statement into fashion

that turned into passion bigger than the presidential election


The world says neither colour nor race

is a decent social security number

The US government should change the law

for the sake of equal humanity

Trayvon was buried like a hero

which he indeed was

though it was argued otherwise by the social

filter of Twitter



doesn't justify violence

A gun loaded by loose reasons

doesn't guarantee peace of the people

Violence glamorized by gangster culture

is spreading the misconception

that that's the way of seducing girls

but nothing looks worse

in the middle of the zoo


Talent of a young fellow with a good heart

was hidden behind the shy surface

of wasted dreams and potential

by a pathetic racial bullet

that contains a quarter of a second of black history

petitions, demonstrations, agitation

Please, no more child victims!

Are there more of memorial graffiti needed to smudge?


After all the justice won on Trayvon

but I doubt if the dawn of tolerance has come.



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