River Black

Let me flow in the river. The cool water washing my body.

My eyes aimed at the sky in hope of rain. The rain is to wash away my blackness.

The world says my blackness is ugly. I see peach skin, fair skin, olive skin and light brown

skin on the television. But never my dark skin I use to think of as enchanting

but I guess that's my opinion.

So I demand of you to give me rain so that I may wash away my blackness.

My blackness is ugly, right? Purity is not the color of my dark skin. I AM SINFUL. 

I am young and strong, I can be like you. Allow me to wash away my blackness, 

narrow my nose and be more appealing. 

I ask you, are you sure I will become pretty?

Will you accept me into your neighborhoods, schools, places of work, and stores if I am not black?

Will you not shoot at me because I am suspicious and a 'punk'? May I live?




Brilliantly written! Well done, the satirical style with a serious blend really made it an instant classic in my eyes.

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